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Houston Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Services.

Houston Air Conditioners is being credited as one of the best air conditioning and heating service provider in greater Houston, Texas. We undertake both residential and commercial projects. We hold a strong belief that customer satisfaction plays a major role in building a business. We never compromise on quality. We offer such flawless services that have placed us in the top rung of the business ladder.

We provide services like installation, replacement, maintenance, repair, engineering of the heating and cooling equipment. We also offer Energy audits to bring down your Energy Bills.

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We provides residential and commercial customers with system design, system replacement, audit, engineering, installation, maintenance and repair in the following areas::

Air Conditioning Repair Services

If the equipment does not make your home comfortable, then the unit has become defective. We offer ESPI (Energy Smart Performance Inspection) to find out the problems. We offer cost effective and we offer $25 off on any repair and promote repair services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A stitch in time saves nine. A proper maintenance will help you to keep the equipment fit and fine. We also offer annual maintenance contract to maintain the system.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

Sometimes your air conditioning equipment may suddenly conk off thus rendering its useless. So you may have to replace it with a new one. We offer many exchange offers. We help you install new equipment that is energy star rated and features new technologies.

Heating System Repair Services

If the heating system is ineffective, it may have your home as cold as a tombstone. A heating system may ineffective due to many reasons. We offer a thorough check of the equipment's, duct and insulation and then offer cost effective and efficient heating solutions. Old and broken furnace is also repair or replaced.

Heating System Maintenance

To keep the heating system efficient, we have to maintain the when it is least used. By doing this we can avoid broke down, when the equipment is most needed. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) will help to save money.

Heating System Replacement

The Heating equipment has become old, that making it inefficient, when it is most needed. You may get worried about the frequent breakdowns. So it is time to replace the heating system.

Energy Solutions

Energy saving is not just an obligation. It has become a compulsion. We offer cost effective solutions to bring your energy bills down.

Energy Audit Services

Rising energy bills may worry you. You may not know how energy is wasted. We offer energy audit s to find out the reasons and give efficient solutions to preserve energy. This would help you to save dollars.

Insulation Services

If you want to insulate you purse against high energy bills, you have to insulate you home to prevent escape of the conditioned air. We offer foil spray and fiberglass insulation.

Home Sealing Services

Are you aware of the fact that conditioned air escapes through the attic? Air Conditioning Houston checks the attic, walls, and windows, ducts and other areas for the air leakage. We conduct a blow door test to find out the gaps, holes and cracks and offer house sealing solutions.

Radiant Barrier Services

A good radiant barrier effectively moderates the heat of the home both in summers and winters. We offer Radiant foil and Radiant Spray, the two effective methods of regulating heat.

Duct Sealing Services

A duct may be clogged due to dust, pullers and other debris, thus making the system ineffective, sometimes ducts may not be placed properly or they may have gaps, holes and cracks. A proper sealing of ducts help you efficient heating or cooling.

Exterior & Interior Lighting

A lighting of a house should be aesthetic and effective. Fluorescent and LED lighting are the latest technology that brings the energy expenses down.

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