You would have bought a new home and getting ready to move in. Are you getting a new HVAC system installed? Here are some terminologies that you should know and remember.

1.ACCA: An acronym of Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a trade association representing HVAC contractors.

2.Ductwork: Theses are components in the unit that are in the form of conduits used to deliver conditioned air into your home.

3.Evaporator and Condensor Coils: Evaporator coils helps in cooling the inside of the rooms and the condensor coil does not accept the heat. These are coils made of copper and aluminum.

4.Energy star: This is a program from the government that certifies the energy efficiency of appliances. This is represented by a blue star label.

5.ESPI: Energy Smart Performance Inspection is performed by service providers to check your home and find out how conditioned air is wasted.

6.Mold and mildew: If your HVAC system does not function efficiently, then it induces the growth of mold and mildew which may pose health issues like allergy and asthma.

7.SEER: This is the acronym for seasonable energy efficiency ratio. This is actually the tool to measure your system’s operating efficiency.

8.AMC: This is again an acronym for Annual Maintenance Contract that is provided by services providers to offer maintenance solutions.

9.Thermostat: This is a component use to maintain temperature at a desired point. The thermostat switches off or on the heating and cooling devices to maintain the correct temperatures.

‘Information is Power’. Gather as much as information as you can and benefit from HVAC installation.

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