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Are high energy bills your major concern? Have you found out how much energy is consumed by your home or office? Have you found out if your home is energy efficient? Please call us for an energy audit. We conduct an energy audit and also give solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Conditioned air escapes through

  • Leaky doors and windows
  • Uninsulated roofs and ceilings
  • Cracks and holes in the ducts
  • Ineffective insulation of heating and cooling equipment

If conditioned air escapes this makes your room uncomfortable but at the same time give you high energy bills.

Our services include

  • Thermal imaging and envelope inspections
  • Air quality evaluations
  • Digital photo documentation reports
  • Heating and cooling system inspections
  • Duct pressure leakage tests
  • Room to room visual inspections
  • Water use audits
  • Examination of past bills
  • House sealing
  • Radiant barrier
  • Duct sealing
  • Lighting

FAQ's about Energy Audit

1. What is an Energy Audit?
An Energy Audit is an inspection process used to determine or measure the total energy consumption of your home or business and to evaluate the efficiency and comfort level being produced by that energy.

2. What is the purpose of an Energy Audit?
The purpose of an Energy Audit is to find ways of making your home or business more efficient and comfortable. Typically an audit is used to determine whether a reduction in the amount of energy being used in your home or business can be achieved without compromising the desired comfort levels.

3. What aspects of my home or business are involved in an Energy Audit?
Audit services are designed to inspect and evaluate every aspect of air flow within your energy system including along ceilings, floors, doors, walls and windows. For example, proper sealing of cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, however, your home also needs ventilation-the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air-to reduce indoor pollutants, moisture, and odors. All of these issues will be addressed during your Energy Audit.

4. What is the cost of an Energy Audit?
Costs will vary based on the size of your rooms and/or building. However, the investment in an Energy Audit is minimal compared to future energy and cost savings, if the energy-saving recommendations from the audit are implemented.

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