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As your furnace (heating system) begins to age you will begin to notice an increase in home energy costs and have a more difficult time keeping your home comfortable. Even with annual maintenance, the older your furnace gets, the higher the chance you will experience a major or minor heating repair. We offers emergency service and is open 24 hours a day to meet all of your A/C or heating repair needs. Our technicians are highly trained and capable of repairing any brands or models of heating and cooling systems..

Available Air Conditioning And Furnace Services:

  • Furnace/ Heater Service - We service and repair all brands and models of furnaces
  • Air Conditioning Service - We service and repair all brands and models of air conditioning units
  • Radiant barrier consultation and installation
  • Heat pump service, maintenance, and repair
  • Electronic air cleaner and purification installation, maintenance, and service
  • Air Filter replacement service
  • Complete HVAC (A/C & Furnace) annual maintenance plans and one time system tune ups
  • 24 Hour Service available - Operators standing by

Houston Air Conditioners has the experience you need to keep your family warm during the cold winter months. Our technicians use high quality, commercial grade parts to keep or repair your heating system running efficiently. Our energy consultants use industry leading building science techniques to find the perfect heating system for your home when its time to upgrade.

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Air Conditioning And Furnace Services

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When winter arrives in Houston, you want nice warm air coming out of your registers and duct work. In order to ensure that your air conditioning (A/C)and Furnace systems are running on optimal levels, seasonal inspections and maintenance are suggested. This will keep any potential problems from becoming a major issue, and also can keep your system operating and heating costs down to a minimum. Our experts can execute ordered maintenance inspections that consist of cleaning the boiler, evaporator coils, and air ducts and condensers,sealing and repairing holes or leaks in your heating pipes,replacing radiators and cleaning. If you’ve waited too long and your system is no longer working, we can also install a new, energy efficient AC and heating system in your home or business.

Available AC/Heating Services:

  • Duct Work - Re-seal leaking ducts. Clean. Replace worn ducts.
  • Radiators - Replace old units with energy efficient models.
  • Registers - Clean or replace when needed.
  • Condensers - Inspect and clean as needed.
  • Furnace - Periodic maintenance check -ups. Check for proper pilot light operation on your gas heater. Clean evaporator coil. Repair or replace units.
  • Filters - Replace as needed.
  • Boilers - Periodic maintenance check-ups and cleaning. Repair or replace, as needed
  • Thermostats - Replace with energy efficient, programmable units

Let Houston Air Conditioners Keep AC/Furnace Maintenance Systems In Top Condition and Keep Everyone Comfortable and Warm.

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