How can a noisy air conditioner be rectified?

A noisy air conditioner may be very irritating and depressing. The noises may be due to many reasons and should be immediately attended to. If ignored may prove to be a very expensive affair. You may even have to replace the AC for a new one which will definitely call for a big investment. In this blog, I would like to discuss what might cause the noises and what should be done to maintain a trouble free unit.

  • 1. Check the fan:

Open the air conditioner and locate the fan. See if the fan blades are clean. Remove all the dirt and debris around the blade. Check whether the blades are loose. Using a screw driver tighten the blade. Check if the blades are not bent .If the blades are bent they may touch the sides of the unit producing noise.

  • 2. Lubricate the motor:

If the motor lacks lubrication then it might produce humming or grinding noise. You can oil the air conditioning motor as part of the maintenance measures.

  • 3. Tighten the loose screws:

Over the years the air conditioner unit may start to vibrate due to the wear and tear. Some screws would have become loose. With the help of a screw driver tighten all the screws.

  • 4. Check coil fins:

Check whether the coil fins are clogged with dirt. Using a vacuum cleaner, you can clean the coil fins. If the coil fins are bent, you can straighten them using fin comb.

In spite of all these measures, if your Air conditioning unit makes noise, call for a HVAC maintenance contractor to complete the job. Air conditioning Maintenance is essential if you want to keep the system in fine shape and want it to run when you most need them. There are many service providers who can offer you the required services but always call for an ethical service provider who can offer services in the most cost effective way.

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