How can you keep your heating system the energy efficient way?

Once you have installed a new heating system of the right size and most suited to your home, the next step is to keep it as energy efficient as you can, so as to save dollars on energy bills. In this blog let us discuss, how we can keep the heating system energy efficient.

The tips are:

  • Never over heat your home. Keep the temperature at 63 degree F which is comfortable to most people.

  • Automate the thermostat so that it sets itself to 55 degree F when you are asleep or away from home. With every degree you lower for eight hours you can save about 2%. So when you lower the thermostat from 70 degree to 55 for eight hours, you can cut energy consumption by 30%.

  • See that your home has the proper weatherization. Weatherization is the combination of home sealing and insulation.

  • Check the doors, windows and all heating/ cooling equipment for effective sealing.

  • Insulate your home thoroughly so that conditioned air does not escape.

  • Switch off the heating system in unoccupied rooms.

  • Check all the parts of the heating system for efficient heating.

  • Remove all barriers from registers and radiators.

  • Replace your old heating system with a new modern trendy machine that has all the modern features.

  • You can even use a reflective coil behind a radiator to reflect heat back into the house.

Call a good service provider for efficient heating installation, choose a proper heating system, and have a comfortable home in winter.

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