Lighting Houston

Lighting Houston

The art of lighting your home or business is a specialty that you should consider entrusting to a professional so that you can achieve the best possible result. Lights can be used on both the exterior and interior of your home and businesses in a simple functional manner, or in a decorative manner to accent and provide security for buildings. This is achieved by focusing the viewer's attention on special design elements of a structure through the elements of light and shade by Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting.

Our Lighting specialists are qualified in both the necessary and also the creative aspects of interior design lighting for your home or business. We feel that the most cost-efficient and attractive lighting design utilizes and expands on the natural sunlight of a room.

To enhance the natural light coming from your windows, doors and skylights, Our Houston Air Conditioners will select and utilize various fixtures from an array of different styles available in the market today; styles that suit your personal taste and fit the functional needs of your home or office.

Of course we don't want to forget about any exterior lighting needs that you may have. Outdoor lighting provides not only an element of design for your building but it also provides security as well. There are many different styles and types of outdoor lights available at Lighting. Please let us show you how we can create a pleasing and effective outdoor lighting design scheme suited to your specific needs and the design elements of your home or building.

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FAQ's about Lighting

1. What are the different types of lights used in Houston area homes?
There are many types of lights used for lighting in and around our homes. Some lights are primarily decorative while others are more functional in nature. Each type of light fixture is designed to serve a particular function and may either light or decorate our front door, our hallway, the bathroom, a general living area, the exterior of the home or business or your landscaping. Ceiling fixtures may also include a fan unit which aids in controlling the temperature of a room while also providing general lighting.

2. What are the various types of lights in and around our homes?
Houston Air Conditioners specializes in four different types of lighting: General Lighting, Directional Lighting, Decorative Lighting and Accent Lighting.

3. What are the various usages of these four types of lights?
Lights can be used in a great variety of ways including general lighting throughout the house, directional and safety lighting around a pool or up a walkway, outside decorative lighting to showcase the exterior of the house and landscaping and accent lighting to highlight wall art and sculptures.

4. What are the most common reasons that light bulbs go out?

  1. Bulbs that fit in their sockets too loosely or have the wrong type of connection for the socket they are being used in
  2. Inexpensive off brand bulbs generally don't last as long as quality bulbs
  3. Low voltage electric current, which causes power surges, can burn bulbs out
  4. After substantial use the bulb filament breaks and the bulb will burn out

5. How can you calculate the daily cost of operating various types of light bulbs?
Through use of the simple formula shown below, you can calculate the daily cost to use any given light bulb that you may have in your home.

Multiply "Bulb Wattage"
Times the "Hours Used Per Day"
Divide by "1000"
Multiply times "Electric Company's Cost per kWh"

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