Tax Credits for Houston Air Conditioners

1500% Federal Tax Credit

As a leader in producing energy-efficient home comfort, Houston Air Conditioners offers many products that are eligible under the Federal Tax Credit bill. Depending on the type of system or product purchased, it is possible to qualify for a tax credit of up to $1,500 on your 2010 income tax return.

30% Tax Credit on Solar

Solar products, including Solar Attic Fans offered by Houston Air Conditioners, qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of 30% with No Cap. Products such as A/C Systems and Insulation have a federal imposed cap of $1500 for the tax credit, but this cap does not apply for solar products. Houston Air Conditioners offers solar attic fans that can help keep your attic ventilated and reduce your energy bills throughout the summer. Put the 30% tax credit to work for you before it's gone! Expires 12/31/2013. Call 832-369-8277 for more details on these great offers.

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Tax Credits