The different kinds of furnaces and their maintenance

With winter round the corner, it becomes compulsory to install an efficient heating system in homes and offices. If you are installing a heating system for the first time at home or in office, this blog might be useful to you. In this blog, we are going to discuss what the different kinds of furnace are and how they should be maintained to guarantee the maximum efficiency.

  • Home Furnaces: These are generally installed in home of cold places. The fuel types used are oil, wood, gas, electricity and coal. The two most common furnaces are the condensation and combustion furnace types. Electricity furnace is also very popular because they are cost effective and easy to install.

  • Metallurgical furnace: These furnaces are commonly found in industries. Big industries order these furnaces to suit their commercial requirements. These are furnaces that are used to melt and mold metal parts. They are bigger than the home furnaces.

  • Incinerating furnaces: These furnaces are generally used in junk shops and crematoriums. They turn waste products.

How to maintain home furnace?

  • Do a thorough check of the furnace regularly.

  • See to it that the thermostats are fixed and set according to the requirement.

  • Clean the filters regularly.

  • If the furnace has become old go in for furnace replacement.

Furnace installation demands a lot of investment. Take some careful measures to keep them up to date.

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